Why Choose neoVault as your Cloud Backup solution?

SO MANY REASONS! Here is just a few but you can always contact us for more:

  • neoVault is PROVEN

    When Hurricane Irma hit the British Virgin Islands in 2017, the country was devastated. Most businesses lost their entire IT infrastructure. Those that were backed up with neoVault were able to reinstate their systems within a matter of days. Those without were less fortunate… neoVault is a proven disaster recovery solution.

  • neoVault is SECURE

    Not only is your data secured when it’s being transferred, it is stored in an encrypted state on our backup systems. If you prefer, even Fresh Mango cannot access your data. Your data is stored in a fully encrypted state in a RAID storage array (the data is
    on multiple drives)

  • neoVault is SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE

    We install a small software program on the system to be backed up. This is configured to send a copy of your data, via encrypted connection, to our backup servers in a secure data centre facility over your internet connection. You have complete control over which files to backup, and how often.

  • neoVault is PRIVATE

    It isn’t necessary for us to have access to your data. You have an encryption key which ensures only you can access your data (So don’t lose the key!)

  • neoVault even works on SLOW CONNECTIONS

    For clients with slow internet connections we ‘seed’ the initial backup. Thereafter the backups are incremental, so you needn’t worry about your bandwidth being taken up

  • neoVault brings INDIRECT BENEFITS TOO

    When you adopt neoVault, it helps instill the discipline of ensuring you keep your server data clean and current; similarly, it ensures your staff put data on the server, not desktops (otherwise it isn’t backed up!)


    US, UK, British Virgin Islands or other jurisdiction.

What our clients say
We recommend neoVault as our standard cloud backup system for all our customers. It's secure, simple and completely reliable
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