neoVault takes the worry and stress out of your IT backup and disaster recovery requirements

neoVault can effectively replicate your complete system in the cloud. In the event that your server fails, neoVault will have you up and running on a new server as if nothing had happened.  The perfect cloud backup solution.

How neoVault can help

When Hurricane Irma hit the British Virgin Islands in September 2017, the islands were flattened. Most businesses lost their entire IT infrastructure. Those that were backed up with neoVault were able to reinstate their systems within a matter of days. Those without were less fortunate… neoVault is a proven disaster recovery solution.

So What does neoVault solve? Two problems in one go!

Firstly, it’s a secure cloud backup solution. Your files and folders can be recovered immediately in the event of loss, corruption or inadvertent deletion.

Secondly, it’s a disaster-recovery solution for your IT systems. You can choose ‘bare-metal backup’ to effectively replicate your system in the Cloud. In the unfortunate event of a system failure, you can get back-up and running soonest.

For customers with slow-internet connections, neoVault works fine as well. Incremental backups run with limited bandwidth overnight ensure your backups can complete before you start business the next working day.

neoVault backup solution will help you succeed. Let’s get started

What our clients say
I use neoVault to backup all of my files and folders. I'm a sole trader and losing my data would simply destroy my business. neoVault gives me peace-of-mind and a secure solution in one-stop.
Happy NeoVault Customer