Automatic Cloud Backup for your IT Systems

neoVault is a competitively priced, affordable cloud backup and proven disaster recovery system for large, medium or small businesses alike. Individuals can also protect their valued or sensitive data with neoVault at a very reasonable price.

How neoVault can help

When Hurricane Irma hit the British Virgin Islands in September 2017, the islands and many businesses were flattened. Most residents lost their entire IT infrastructure. Those that were backed up with neoVault were able to reinstate their systems within a matter of days instead of months. Those without were less fortunate… neoVault is a proven disaster recovery solution.

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Key neoVault strengths

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    Secure Cloud Backup

    Not only is your data secured when it’s being transferred, it is stored in an encrypted state on our backup systems. If you prefer, even we cannot access your data. Your data is stored in a fully encrypted state in a RAID storage array (the data is on multiple drives)

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    Flexible Cloud Backup

    neoVault’s flexible cloud backup interface allows you to backup as little or as much data as you like, as often as you like.

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    Private Cloud

    It isn’t necessary for us – or anyone else – to have access to your data. You have an encryption key which ensures only you can access your data. So don’t lose the key! (If you do, don’t worry, we would just have to create a new backup and key)

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    Cloud Backup that Works on Slow Connections

    For clients with slow internet connections we ‘seed’ the initial backup. Thereafter the backups are incremental, so you needn’t worry about your bandwidth being taken up. Typically they run at night as well, so there is no disruption to your online work.

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    neoVault Cloud Backup is simple to install and simple to operate. Install a small software program on the system to be backed up. This is configured to send a copy of your data, via an encrypted connection, to our backup servers in a secure data centre facility over your internet connection.
    You have complete control over which files to back up, and how often, thanks to a simple web-based interface that is similar to Windows File Explorer.

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    Where are the servers where my backups are stored?

    Your choice! USA, British Virgin Islands, UK, other jurisdiction. Businesses operating in the offshore finance and legal sectors often require offshore jurisdictions for data storage for themselves and their clients. In the British Virgin Islands, our cloud servers are located in a secure data centre that is hurricane-proof, earthquake-rated to 8.0 and on the sixth floor, making it tsunami-proof too.

Indirect Benefits

neoVault provides a unique range of benefits

There are some indirect benefits to you and your business too! Implementing neoVault helps ensure you keep your server data clean and current. neoVault also ensures you become disciplined in storing data in a central location (usually a server) instead of insecure desktops (otherwise the data isn’t backed up!)

What our clients say
After Hurricane Irma our complete IT system was wiped-out. We thought we were finished. Then we were advised that we could simply reinstall our complete system once we installed our new IT equipment. Thanks to neoVault we were back-up and running in no-time
Big Four Accountancy Firm